www.scriptsmarts.com offers reading, script coverage and consulting services for your television or film script by someone actually employed currently as a professional television writer. Whether you're an aspiring writer, successful producer, or agent, the clear and comprehensive script coverage we provide gives you an insider's perspective on everything from box office viability to grammar. Ours is the most complete script coverage available anywhere.


Packages are discounted up to 40% (as listed)

Script Consultant - Writer


Any material you submit to a studio, agent, or fellowship program becomes your calling card in the industry. It is essential that it reflect professional quality in every way.

A consultation with a professional can help point out the weaknesses and strengths in your work. We offer every level of consulting, from general notes to sitting with you and going through material line by line. With twelve years industry experience evaluating and script coverage, we can help you realize the potential of your projects:

  • Screenplay "The Wedding Reversal" optioned by New Line (January 2006)
  • Screenplay, "Handicops" optioned by the Farrelly Brothers
  • Semi-Finalist for HBO's Project Greenlight for "Lesser Angels"
  • Current Head Writer and Supervising Story Producer for truTV's "Speeders" and "Speeders Fight Back"
  • Current Senior Producer for MTV's "Busted"
  • Supervising Producer for CMTs "Bandits Vs. Smokies"
  • Senior Writer/Producer for Lifetime's "Let the Good Times Roll"
  • Senior Writer/Producer for TV Guide Channel series "Trapped In TV Guide"
  • Writer for "Bananas," an original pilot for Disney.
  • Senior Writer/Producer for E! series, "Party At the Palms"
  • Writer for MTV's "Welcome To Crunkville"
  • Staff Writer for Oxygen Network's "Girls Behaving Badly"
  • Staff Writer for Playboy Television's "Totally Busted"
  • Contract Writer for NBC promotional
  • Warner Brother TV (Sitcom Writer’s Workshop, 1998)
  • AFI/Sloan Fellow for Hourlong Drama
  • Scriptapalooza Finalist for Curb Your Enthusiasm, "The Immigrant Worker"
  • Reader/Agent Assistant for Abrams Artists Agency
  • Reader/Production Assistant for Freyda Rothstein Productions
  • Reader for New World Pictures
  • Master of Professional Writing Program at University of Southern California


  Overview Script Coverage

Story Script Coverage

Studio Script Coverage One-On-One Consultation

Also known as INDUSTRY STANDARD Script Coverage

• Synopsis
• General Impressions
• Story And Structure Analysis
• Dialogue Analysis

• Character Analysis
• Grammatical Analysis
• Synopsis
• General Impressions
• Story And Structure Analysis
• Dialogue Analysis

Act-By-Act Breakdown
• Tone/Genre Analysis
• Commercial Analysis
• Bulletpoint Summary
• Synopsis
• General Impressions
• Story And Structure Analysis
• Dialogue Analysis
• Character Analysis
• Grammatical Analysis

(STUDIO SCRIPT COVERAGE package + 1 hour one-on-one session by phone or in person)
4 - 6 pages
6 - 8 pages
8 - 15 pages
Screenplays $105.00 (info) $135.00 (info) $160.00 (info) $300.00
Sitcoms $85.00 (info)
$115.00 (info)
n/a $220.00
Hourlong (Drama) $95.00 (info) $125.00 (info) $140.00 (info) $270.00

Rates may vary slightly for scripts that do not use 12pt or larger font, do not use NORMAL page layout (for Final Draft files), or are over 145 pages (screenplay), 60 pages (sitcoms), and 70 pages (hourlong drama). Contact Us for details, For tips on general screenplay formatting, click here.

Thank you for the coverage. This would be my 3rd time getting this script reviewed. You have provided the most input and understanding for me with the coverage. I will be doing future business with you as I am impressed with the effort and feedback. - Client

"Wow - what a great review. That's a 10 in my book. I completely love the idea for the opening scene! I'm sure I'll be sending more projects your way." - Client

"Dude, you are awesome. tell me where to send the money and I will immediatley get you another script." - Client

To see the detailed script coverage you can expect, view this sample (requires Acrobat): samplecoverage.pdf

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